Nov 14, 2018 7:30 AM
Dr. Tyronne E. Carter
The America’s Fun Science Team

His nickname is Dr. Fun. Tyronne aims to offer affordable, custom, hands-on science enrichment and STEM programs to schools, nonprofits, librar-ies, and other organizations. America’s Fun Science supports all students in STEM, but especially supports girls. He mentioned that the organization is veteran, minority, and female owned, offering hope for all kids because “We all have at least one talent.” Tyronne is the Director of Marketing and Curriculum Design. Carolyn Williams is the Director of Operations. Ty-ronne started as a science teacher and did not want students to be bound by the clipboard, dull worksheets, and boring facts. What do they do? They make science fun and inspire kids to be more awakened to science and technology. Tyronne used substitute meeting leader John Channnon for a demo of how Bernoullis Law works. Plans to take the program to Cameroon, West Africa in 2020. Go to for more information.